EHÖK Empfehlungen im Notfall
Magyar verzió >> English version >> Liebe Studierende! Die während der an COVID-19 Erkrankung gebundenen Gefahrsituation erfassten Maßnahmen und Empfehlungen sollen die Masseninfektionen der Pandemie bremsen und ihre Konsequenten…
EHÖK Survey for usage measuring and improvement possibilites of the library’s studying places
Let's make the library spaces more comfortable! Please, help our work with filling out this survey that lasts only 5 minutes, so we can use your feedback to make the library’s environment more suitable for your needs. You can reach the…
EHÖK How to survive in Pécs: Out with the old, in with the new!
It’s November and the worst is past us now. Though every semester it is a struggle again; saying goodbye to friends, and welcoming new ones into your lives again. This is the deal as a student studying abroad, circling around in the international…
Rendezvény Run for Cancer Treatment
From this year the Sports Office of the University of Pécs is the host of this great charity event having a 10-year history in Pécs. The main aim of the colleagues of the Sports Office is to spend all the money raised by running on the patients…
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