EHÖKRoma movie: the insight of Mexico the government never wanted us to watch
Have you ever been to Mexico before? – this is the first question I ask. In case you answer yes, you will discover Mexico in a way the tourists never do, if you say no, you will feel the real Mexico and how is the common life of somebody somewhere in Mexico...
EHÖKSex Education
Netflix premiered a show called “Sex Education” last January. Embarrassingly awkward and hilarious, this teen dramedy was hit by 40 million users within the first three weeks.
Interview with the best mentor of the year
EHÖKUyghur voice in Hungary
The experience of being a minority is nothing that one can imagine without actually being a minority. You must have noticed the issues regarding minority populations; being oppressed, mistreated and abandoned. From very recent events, we can name the Rohingya people, the Catalonians, the Kurdish and the Uyghur people of North Eastern China.
EHÖKA Visit to Ópusztaszer
Located in the Csongrad County, in the Southern Great Plain region, hardly two hours’ drive from Budapest lies Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park, the repository of many important treasures of Hungarian history. Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park attracts thousands of visitors annually.