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2020.04.01. 19:00 - Dorm Fees

The Operative Crew of the University of Pécs has made important decisions about the temporary order of operations concerning the university dormitories, of which we provide useful information.

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2020.03.27. 19:00 - Recommendations under the emergency

The measures and recommendations under the emergency related to the COVID-19 epidemic are taken in order to minimize and control the spread of the disease. We are regretfully informed about multiple cases of student gatherings disregarding advice on social distancing, hence risking further transmission of the infection.

The government of Hungary introduced curfew starting from the 28th of March until the 11th of April. Accordingly citizens are not allowed to leave their residences, except in specially justified cases, such as going to work or in order to meet basic needs via visiting grocery stores, pharmacies, markets, etc. Keeping one and a half meters of distance is obligatory. Elderly people are allowed to visit stores, pharmacies and markets only between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. During this period no one under 65 years of age are allowed to do so.

We as young intellectuals have to grow up to the responsibility, of which measures to fight the spread of the disease weigh on us. Based on our present knowledge, COVID-19 cause milder symptoms – not always though - at a young age, but we cannot risk the health of those living in our environment, so we ask all of you, to treat the situation with due seriousness and do everything in your disposal to soften and possibly prevent the effects of the epidemic.

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2020.03.19. 08:30 - Coronavirus Care Center in the former county hospital building

The UP Clinical Center has set up a Coronavirus Care Center in the building of the former County Hospital. Patients with acute upper respiratory symptoms are asked to come here instead of the Emergency Patient Care Unit.

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2020.03.18. 16:40 - UP Coronavirus Information Site

The University of Pécs has gathered the latest PTE news, measures related to the coronavirus in one place:

2020.03.17. 10:30 - Coronavirus info

It became clear today that the novel coronavirus epidemic is entering the group infection phase, meaning that the new source of infection concerning the newly identified cases cannot be determined with certainty. Younger people often produce mild symptoms or can even be symptom-free carriers of the virus, therefore – considering the peculiar virulence of the disease – may pose significant threat to the elders of our community. Consequently, it is our responsibility to protect our loved ones and pay special attention to our environment!

Concerning the situation above, we collected the procedures and recommendations of Hungarian authorities, that are easily adaptable and considerably lowers the risk of spreading the infection.

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2020.03.13. 13:00 - Dormitory update


During Saturday the Secretary of State responsible for the maintenance ministry industry has urged our institution to rationalize the dormitory capacities out of turn, and within the framework of this procedure, the foreign students or those who stayed in the dormitory with an accepted fairness claim are going to be moved to other accomodations. The items of those who left the dormitory temporarily are going to be stored by the University for longer period of time if needed, and returning to the dormitory to collect the items is NOT obligatory.

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2020.03.13. 13:00 - Dormitory info

Dear Student,

As you might know, a special legal order has been declared in Hungary, which affects the University dormitories as well. Until further notice, Hungarian students has to leave the dormitories by 13 March in order to minimize the chance of infection.

However, we know and understand that for international students it would mean an undue challenge to find accommodation outside of the dormitory, so we decided that you can stay in the dormitory and continue your everyday life.

Please also note, that until further notice it is forbidden to have guests in the dormitory.

Up-to-date information regarding the Covid-19 is available here:

If you have any question regarding the dormitories, don’t hesitate to contact the receptions.


2020.03.12. 15:00 – Enactment of spring break

Dear Students!

We hereby announce that because of the emergency announced by the Government of Hungary, the Rector of the University of Pécs has modified the schedule of the 2019/2020 school year at every Faculty, and has ordered spring break between 2020. March 16. and 22.

The Rector’s Order is available here.  

We hereby brief you that on the basis of Article 4 paragraph b) of Government Decree No 41/2020 (III.11) starting from this day until withdrawal, the visiting of higher educational institutions are forbidden.

More detailed information regarding the dormitory procedure is going to be provided after the University’s Operative Crew’s meeting.

We hereby inform you that during the emergency every student-related administration is going to be handled electronically. More information can be found at the following contacts:

-          Scholarships, applications and tenders:

-          Dormitory:

-          Other cases:

The Student Union of the University of Pécs



Dear Students!

During the day the Government of Hungary has announced extraordinary legal order in which they declared emergency enactment.

The decisions made are connected to the higher education as well. The most important of all is that the education is going to continue through a distance learning system. The indoor events of more than 100 people and the outdoor events of more than 500 people are suspended until furhter notice.

In the current situation, the rector of the University of Pécs has ordered complete educational break for March 12-13-14. 2020. (Rector’s Order No 1/2020).

Please do not attend the University’s facilities and premises until further provisions.

The Student Union of the University of Pécs, the Student Unions of the Facultys of University of Pécs and the Dormitory Committees are – in harmony of rector’s order – suspending the organization of student events.

The Student Union of UP and the Student Unions of the Faculty of UP are suspending their customer reception during the educational break from 2020 march 12. Via the uploaded electronic contacts and news on the website of the Student Union of UP, we continue to provide information. Instructions about the ongoing scholarships and tenders can be found at the following website:

Further information will be issued tomorrow (12/03/2020), so we would like to ask kindly everybody to check the newsletters of UP and the new provided at the  web page.

Up to date information is going to be provided via the Student Union’s Facebook page about the student-related issues.

The published informations by the UP about the educational break is available at the following link:

Student Union of the University of Pécs