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Dear Students!

The Operative Crew of the University of Pécs has made important decisions about the temporary order of operations concerning the university dormitories, of which we provide useful information below:

Decision about the dormitory fee of March

  • Students having to leave their dormitory accommodation between the 15th of March and the 31st of March due to the emergency are entitled to a 50% fee reduction for the month. The dormitory fee reduction will be compensated in the following unpaid dormitory fee. In case of passivation of the student status, termination of the student’s dormitory contract, or if the student does not have unpaid dormitory fees, the reduction cannot be compensated through the following dormitory fee. In these cases the student should issue a demand for repayment via the Neptun Unified Education System.

Aforementioned the March fee reduction is going to be compensated through the first fee after moving back to the dormitory. If for any reason it is not possible, students should demand the overpayment via Neptun Unified Education System at the end of the semester.

Decision about the dormitory fees from April

  • The Student Council of the University of Pécs may set payment deadlines different from the general procedure (G.P.: the last day of the preceding month) concerning dormitory payments in the II. semester of the academic year 2019/2020. The latest payment deadline is the 31th of August. Please note that in the II. semester of the academic year 2019/2020 monthly fees may be divisible as well.

According to Article 52 paragraph 3 of the Code of Charges and Benefits, dormitory fees are paid in advance, thus the dormitory fee concerning April was due until the 31th of March. The Operative Crew – until Senate approval – authorized the Student Council to postpone the payment deadline concerning the due April dormitory fees.

Naturally, dormitory fees for April and the following months will be due after the date of moving back to the dormitories is known. If you have paid these months in advance, the settlement will be organized similar to the repayment and overpayment procedures above.

Situation of students in temporary accommodation

  • According to Rector’s Order No. 3/2020. the monthly dormitory fee of the students in temporary accommodations is equivalent to the price of the occupied dormitory, unless their monthly fee is lower in their dormitory contract respectively.

According to the Rector’s Order related to the temporary order of operations concerning the dormitories of the University of Pécs, foreign students and students with Rector’s permission has been accommodated in different dormitory quality categories compared to their original rooms.

Based on Rector’s Order No. 3/2020., throughout the temporary period students are obliged to pay the lower fee of the original and the emergency accommodation options. Hence those who are accommodated in Laterum Dormitory should pay Laterum Dormitory fees, while those who are accommodated in Szántó Dormitory should pay their original dormitory contract fees.


If you have any question concerning dormitory issues, feel free to contact us on!


Kind regards,

The Student Council of the University of Pécs