Exceptional Social Scholarship 2018-2019

Exceptional Social Scholarship 2018-2019

Category: social Deadline: 2019-06-30

PTE University Student Union Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Committee from this day invites all applications for the 2018/2019 academic year to obtain exceptional social allowance.

  • The Exceptional Social Scholarship is one-time allowance to compensate students whose social conditions has experienced an unseen decay, the maximum sum of allowance in the given semester is the same with the prevailing least amount of obligatory wage (minimum wage).
  • Exceptional Social Scholarship is given out in case if the request is made by the student. The request must be sent to the HÖK (USU) committee, which will judged them based on the allotted and published principles.

The application forms must be filled in via the Neptun Education System, the request must be printed out and signed, than the required documents must be attached to confirm the application then taken into a Student Service Center in person or via mailing.

The deadline for the arrivals of the applications::
30th June 2019

(In the case of graduate students it is the day before their students’ legal relationship ends)

We would like to ask you to take the application toa Student Service Center or mail it for the PTE EHÖK HPP (USU SSC) (7622, Pécs Vasvári Pál utca 4.) with the indication of HPP.

On the envelope write: Rendkívüli szociális támogatás pályázat. (Exceptional social allowance application) 

The applications sent in lately, incompletely and not with valid application form will not be accepted by the Committee!

The review of the applications will be happening continuously during the application period.

On the application only those exceptional conditions can appear that have happened after the 1st of September, which were NOT considered during the given half-yearly social allowance!

We would like to advise you to read the provisions of the application form and prospectus carefully!

17th September 2018, Pécs



Rudolf Gábor Rajczi sk.
Vice President of specialized tasks