PTE Mentor Network Scholarship

PTE Mentor Network Scholarship

Category: professional Deadline: 2020-07-14

The University Student Union (furthermore PTE EHÖK) is establishing a scholarship for the students participating in the PTE Mentor Network to support their work according to the 25. § (2) paragraph of the Regulation for Allowance of PTE EHÖK, debiting own revenue.

- Those students who have an active student status at the University and are currently being mentors can submit the tender.
- In order to have a successful tender submitted, students have to fill out and hand in the attached data sheet.
- Mandatory document to be attached is a detailed summary report of the mentor activity.

All documents, including the data sheet and the summary report must be signed by the student, if not, the tender is invalid and cannot be examined.

The aspects of the tender’s consideration:
The way of consideration of the report (max. 10 points)
0 point – The report is not related to the mentorship, is confusing and illogical
1-5 point(s) –The report contains the mentor activity but is unpunctual.
6-10 points – The report contains the mentor activity in details, is logical and well designed

Scholarship that can be received:
0 point - The student is not entitled to receive the scholarship
1-5 point(s) – The student is entitled to receive 5000 HUF / month nonrecurring scholarship
6-10 points – The student is entitled to receive 10 000 HUF / month nonrecurring scholarship

The board of PTE EHÖK is responsible for the processing and consideration of the tender. Students will get notified about the application through their email address given in the Neptun system.

Deadline of submitting the data sheet and report

The 10th working day following the month to which the report relates

Arnold Koltai sk.
University Student Union


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