Equality Applications

The competition is open to all students, whose candidature was positively assessed during the college process 2014/2015, also stopped for disadvantaged orphans, breadwinner, or whose tutelage due to the age ended.

The objective of the Gender Equality applications to get more socially disadvantaged student dormitory fee assumes by the PTE EHÖK. Application can be submitted by those, who received a dormitory placement in the 2014/2015 academic year. Applications will be judged by the University Student Union on the basis of criteria set out in the Fees and Compensation Regulations Annex 2.

If the student won application on social bases, then primarily the social situation given in the 2014/2015 academic year application will be taken into account. If an adverse change has occurred,   compared to those circumstances that were given in the college admissions process till the Equality tender submission deadline, or the student did not win placement on social bases, the attachments of necessary documents and the social scholarship application form is required. As regards for the documents guidelines for social scholarship competition recorded prevail.