Application for Freshmen

There are 10 dormitories which belongs to the University of Pécs and can  give accomodation to 4040 students each year. There are 6 dorms located in Pécs with 3300 students and there are rural training centers, (Kaposvár, Szombathely, Zalaegerszeg) each can provide 100-100 of accomodation. The Faculty of Illyés Gyula College can fit 280 students.

Please note that student applications for the 2014/2015 academic year is the following:

The dormitories application delivery method of electronically via the UP Modulo surface ( EHA surface of the modules and the code which you can enter the corresponding password. (EHA Code:.. This will be the ID code during the university years, you will receive it in an official letter.)

After college admission form, the PTE administration is located in:

The dormitories submission of requests since: 24 July 2014, 8:00.

The student application form to fill your personal data will be done automatically.

After you have checked your personal datas, you need to choose your major. Further details of your major will be filled in automatically after the form is saved.

In additional, you need to mark which dormitory do you choose. You can only mark one from the list. If there are available places in your chosen dorm, we will accommodate you in it.

There are two criterias, based on what you gain admission:

-          social need ->download form

-          academic scores (admission score)

The students can apply with more titles.

In addition to the items outlined above you can apply for the county and municipal governments places, as well.

The municipalityofrecordingtitles is not the scope of DJKB, however, proposals submitted request was required for this item is the module surface.

Reserved places will be allocated for those, who’s application did not qualify in any dorms connecting to DJKB.

Once you complete the application, you can find a save and commit button, with that you can save your form. After saving the application, a pop-up window will appear, it shows what additional documents you need to deliver to the College Student Compensation Commission to validate your tender

The withdrawal of electronic application can only be done after the administration, before leaving the website.

Through the module, the deadline is 10 of August 2014 (Sunday) 23:59.

After the module has been marked, you need to provide the following specified documents to DJKB:

In order to validate the social need regular social scholarship shall be made and shall be attached by the documents specified in the application instructions on paper application form.

If you apply for a dorm place with your academic background, paper documents are not required. The evaluation will be done on the basis of points earned in the selection process.

Local Government Capacity primarily take into account the social neediness, so we need a review of the application form and instructions indicated in the tender documents as described above.

Deadline for submission of paper documents:
(Tuesday), 12 August 2014 16:00

You need to send the paper documents to your faculty DJKB, please check the addresses below:

PTE ÁJK DJKB  7622 Pécs,Dohány u. 1-3. 016-os iroda
PTE ÁOK DJKB 7624 Pécs, Jakabhegyi út 6.
PTE BTK DJKB 7624, Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6
PTE ETK DJKB 7621 Pécs, Szepesy I. u. 1. 
PTE FEEK DJKB 7633 Pécs, Szántó K. J. u. 1/b
PTE IGYK DJKB 7100 Szekszárd, Rákóczi u. 1.
PTE KTK DJKB 7622 Pécs, Rákóczi út 80.
PTE MK 7622  Pécs  Zsolnay Vilmos utca  16.
PTE PMMIK 7624 Pécs, Boszorkány u. 2 C-047 iroda
PTE TTK DJKB 7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6.   A/324 iroda

We will inform you of the results via email. Expected dates:  16 of August 2014 and local goverment capacity around 28 of August.

Against DJKB’s decision, students may have the rights to appeal, which can be done in 15 days after receiving the letter of the rejection.

We would like to draw your attention to the college policy or violation of university rules for handling the dorm next year’s competition, the following point deductions can happen:

-          Over 5 days dormitory fee debt: -1 point / time

-          injury: -2-5 point / time

-          reminder: -5 points / time

disciplinary proceedings: -10 points / time