Mid-year dormitory

Dear Student!

We would like to bring your attention the mid-year dormitory waiting list, from which we continuously fill in the vacant places in the dormitories. 

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In case of questions you can reach us on the following e-mail address kollegiumok.ehok@pte.hu!



What documents do I need to attach?

In case you just want to sign up for the list (e.g. in case of transfer) you need not to attach any documents. The requests are fulfilled based on the date of their arrivals.

I would like to switch with a counterpart. What do we do?

Both of you should fill in and send in the requests. Of course you should indicate each other on the application form.

It is important that the electronically sent request is to be sent together with the scanned applications, meaning that they should arrive in the same e-mail.

Those switches arriving before 28th of August will be elaborated on the 1st or 2nd of September, on the weekend of the moving-in. We would like to ask you if you want to switch not to move in before the 1st or 2nd of September!

It is important that the switch is only granted between thee same sexes.

I obtained my place with the re-application. How can I receive dormitory accommodation?

Send in your mid-year request and attach the classification decision from the Felvi system.

Did not receive answer to your question? Write to this address kollegiumok.ehok@pte.hu!