Presidential Greeting

I would like to welcome you on behalf of the University of Pécs’s Student Council (PTE EHÖK)!

I still remember when I was a high school student, how hard and responsible decision was to choose the right university. Now I know: I have made a proper choice with the University of Pécs. I am very glad, that I can welcome you amongst PTE’s students and get ready that a new era will begin in your life.

Pécs city is famous for it’s bubbly cultural life, you can find whatever you prefer. There is a large scale of concerts, parties, exhibitions and theatre shows. Moreover you can enjoy these programs in noted institutions such as Kodály Központ, Pécsi Nemzeti Színház and Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed.

Furthermore, there is an active sport life atmosphere. Nothing proves this better, than the numerous trainging/workout classes. We also have a big number of sport associations and you can take part in such particular events like the University’s Ice Evening, when all the students from every faculty are skiing together in a real party mood.

In addition, we should make mention of our professional development. The University of Pécs is Hungary’s oldest university where a high-level scientific work is taking place. What does this means for you? At first, can acquire knowledge from our tutors, who are admited at a national level. Secondly, you have the opportunity to join several researches. At last but not least you can become a member of a big range of technical colleges, so you can apply to different kind of internships. In one word: You get genuine knowledge.

I hope that we have already aroused your attention, but I even have two more great news! PTE’s dormitories has been renovated in the past years, so you can find well-equipped, nice, demanding rooms, if you will be a collegian. You can easily convince yourself, if you click on the dormitories tab.

My other good news is our scolarship system. We offer you many scolarships, in order to worry less about the finances, so you can even enjoy the university years more.

I truly hope, that meaningful years and lifelong adventures are waiting for you as a student of the Univerity of Pécs. Don’t forget: You can always count on the Student Council. We help you in any cases, either it is connecting to your studies, benefits, dormitories or work.

Best Regards,

Gyula Takács

President of the PTE Student Council