EHÖKRecommendations under the emergency
The measures and recommendations under the emergency related to the COVID-19 epidemic are taken in order to minimize and control the spread of the disease. We are regretfully informed about multiple cases of student gatherings disregarding advice on social distancing, hence risking further transmission of the infection.
RendezvényVoice of UP! 2020
For the fourth time, the University Student Council of Pécs announces the Voice of UP Talent Show of 2020!
EHÖKSurvey for usage measuring and improvement possibilites of the library’s studying places
Let's make the library spaces more comfortable! Please, help our work with filling out this survey that lasts only 5 minutes, so we can use your feedback to make the library’s environment more suitable for your needs.
EHÖKHow to survive in Pécs: Out with the old, in with the new!
It’s November and the worst is past us now. Though every semester it is a struggle again; saying goodbye to friends, and welcoming new ones into your lives again. This is the deal as a student studying abroad, circling around in the international communities. No one is on home base, everyone’s stay has an expiring date. It makes the meetings more interesting, the connections more intense, and the breaks even more discomforting.
EHÖKElection of the members of the Dormitory Student Committe
The PTE Student Council of University of Pécs announces election of the members of the Dormitory Student Committe.