According to Joint Order No. 14/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor on the order of entering the premises of the university and the hygienic rules applicable during the epidemiological preparedness, entering the premises of the university shall be bound to a definite goal and be limited to the duration of achieving that particular goal.
EHÖKDormitory information 2020
Under current regulations, from 1st September 2020. the foreign students have to apply and register at the International Welcome Desk after their arrival. The International Welcome Desk can be found at Szántó Dormitory (7633, Pécs Szántó-Kovács János u. 1/d).
The application must be held in electronically via the Neptun Study System’s platform. For the application – pointed out in the manual of the application – the attached documents must be held in via papaer in one of the Student Union Application Point till the deadline of the application.
EHÖKRecommendations under the emergency
The measures and recommendations under the emergency related to the COVID-19 epidemic are taken in order to minimize and control the spread of the disease. We are regretfully informed about multiple cases of student gatherings disregarding advice on social distancing, hence risking further transmission of the infection.
RendezvényVoice of UP! 2020
For the fourth time, the University Student Council of Pécs announces the Voice of UP Talent Show of 2020!