EHÖK Christmas trees help the heeling process at the PTE’s clinics

Christmas trees help the heeling process at the PTE’s clinics


With decades of tradition, when Christmas time is approaching, the Mecsek Erdő Zrt. usually donates trees to needy families, organizations, institutions and churches.

Among the gifted places – as every year – are the University of Pécs’s clinics.

This year, a total of 80 pieces of 1.5-2 meters high tree reached the healing engaged units. In our country, most of the families decorate cutted trees, this tradition is expected to persist for a long time. The Mecsek Forest Ltd., as responsible entity of the forest, does not cut the trees out of the woods, but produces these trees at specifically established Christmas tree farms.


This year the first Christmas tree was received on the 9 of December to the Republic Square of Pécs to a Christmas celebration event. Preschoolers decorated the tree with seeds, fruits and bacons to gift the birds of the area.


The University of Pécs’s clinics welcomed the beautiful pine trees with pleasure. “A beautifully decorated Christmas tree can really improve the affection of patients. This is especially true for the younger patients at the Children’s clinic.” said Decsi Tamás, the Director of the PTE Clinical Center. Regarding that the institution received almost 80 Christmas trees, so almost every clinic could get one. The clinical staff did the decoration with great enthusiasm, some of them even brought some ornaments from home, to make the Christmas feeling even better at the clinic.