EHÖK Dormitory application for Senior students

Dormitory application for Senior students




Important! Due to a technical mistake, in the decision the social and study scores are reversed. The problem does not affect the total score, the correction of this formal error is in progress.

The elaboration of the applications to be made has been performed by the evaluation committee of the EHÖK, the results can be viewed via Neptun. If you are unable to find you resolution, you can see the necessary aid for attainment by clicking here.

It is important to note that similarly to previous years, only the fact of admission has been published, the assignment to the certain dormitories is yet to be determined in conciliation with the freshmen, until 21st August.

What happens, if I did not achieve admission?

However during the process of appeal there is no possibility for completion of documents, so as long as your application or score has been turned down since the absence of certain documents, we advise you to consider the Rectoral Equity procedure, in the course of which – since this is a new procedure- you have the chance to submit the missing documents as well. The estimated date of calling for tender is 21st August.

So far as you still would like to appeal, then we created you a template what you can download in English and in Hungarian as well.

I achieved admission but I solved my housing elsewhere!

In this case you have to discard your dormitory spot via the e-mail address Important: the cancellation is irrevocable.