Dormitory application for Senior students


Based on the university regulations the Student Union of the University of Pécs announces the following dormitory application.

The application must be held in electronically via the Neptun Study System’s platform. For the application – pointed out in the manual of the application – the attached documents must be held in via papaer in one of the Student Union Application Point till the deadline of the application.

If the student did not attach the required documents via paper, than the Student Union’s professional committee can only judge the application based on the given information and data.

The online application can be downloaded at, after signing in at the Ügyintézés/Kollégiumi folder.

The deadline of the online application is: 13th June 2018 (Wednesday) 23:59

The arrival deadline for the required attachments for the application is: 14th June 2018 (Tuesday) 14:00



  1.       Login to Neptun, where you can find the ADMINISTRATION button, then click on DORMITORY APPLICAITON.
  2.       First you have to select the dormitories and rank them based on your preferations. This can be done by clicking on the ADD A NEW DORMITORY. Here you can select more, then you can change the order by re-writing the numbers.
  3.       After selecting the dorms, click on REGISTER to get the application form.
  4.       Please go through your personal data retrieved from Neptun!
  5.       From this year on you can submit your application on all titles listed and you will get subscores for each. This way it is advisable to mark all titles (application on the title of local government applies only to hungarian students living in the given city)
  6.       In case of Social partial points only click yes, if you submitted social scholarship application in the spring semester, or you don’t want to submit this part. In the latter case you don’t have to submit the Statement (can be found at the end of the Neptun form).
  7.       The study partial points is the KKI of the last closed semester retrieved from Neptun. If you had a passive semester this value is 0, in this case you will have to ask for documentation about the last active semester from the Student’s Office.
  8.       In case of Community activity partial points you will need a certificate or proving document. You can ask for help with this at EHÖK (University Student Union) or the Faculty Student Unions (HÖK/HÖT)
  9.       After filling the application form, you can finalize it by clicking on SUBMIT REQUEST at the left bottom corner of the window.
  10.       After all these you will need to print the form, sign it and post/bring it to any of the HPP-s (Student Application Point) with all of the attachments. (Student Application Points: )


If you made something wrong you can delete the application after submitting by clicking on CANCEL APPLICATION and then start again the process.