EHÖK How to apply for dormitory?

How to apply for dormitory?


Dear Applicant!

This page will help you fill out the dormitory application form!


Go to your Neptun, Click ’Administration -> Dormitory application’

If the automatic choice is not this period’s dormitory application, please change it (starting 05/28, 08:00)



Choose the dormitories (Add a new dormitory button) you would like to be accomodated in (Szántó, Boszorkány)


Click: Register. The you will get the form for dormitory application, where the first part will be filled out with your data from Neptun. When calculating your points, there are 4 categories: social points from your regular social scholarship (if you live in dorm or rent a flat and had submitted regular social scholarship, please click YES, if you did not submit scholarship, please also check STEP 4). Educational points will also be counted from Neptun. Communal points are only available if you helped the Student Union of UP or a faculty’s student union. You will also need to get a document that clarifies this, including the activity you have done. Local government’s agreement is not valid in your case


If you did not submit regular social scholarship and you clicked NO at the pervious page, you will need to fill out the form now. If you live in a flat or in dormitory, please attach the contract and the monthly expenses associated with your living (utilities for flat, dorm fee for dormitory)


Please write to if you have questions with the application