EHÖK Non-perishable food donation at the university!

Non-perishable food donation at the university!


Brought to you by the Mentoring Programme of the National Union of Students, this is an initiative which aims to collect as much food as possible; all contributions will be donated to Karitativ Tanács, an organisation that helps families in need by providing them with food. Since this is a national event, we wanted to be part of it. So we urge you to help us help the less fortunate- it only takes a short and cheap trip to the local store!

Contributions include non-perishable food, for eg.: 
- Crackers
- Cereal bars
- Pasta
- Rice
- Packaged nuts
- Dried fruit
- Canned veggies and fruit
- Bags of/canned beans
- Spaghetti sauce
- Bags of rice
- Juice 
- Milk (found in store shelves and not refrigerated)

You can leave your donations at these unversity locations!


Thank you for your help!