EHÖK Rectorial equity procedure application

Rectorial equity procedure application



According to the 36. § (4) paragraph of the Regulation for Allowance (PTE Code of Conduct 6. enclosure, subsequently: RfA), of the University of Pécs, on the ground of equity all students are entitled to request the alteration of the first-degree judgement from the rector regarding the dormitory placement.

The equity applications should be filed with the appropriate Rectoral Equity template, as well as the attached written application and the declining Neptun notification. The equity applications must be submitted at the latest 28. August 16:00 via e-mail to the address, with the subject „Rectoral equity application”.

The equity application must be submitted in a printed form as well, either in the PTE EHÖK office, or via post to the address 7622 Pécs, Vasvári Pál u. 4. On the envelope please indicate The Student Council of the University of Pécs (PTE EHÖK) as a recipient.

The deadlint for posting the application via mail is 25. August.

The applications that are submitted on an inappropriate- or incompletely filled template, or lack the applicants signature, will be declined without further inquiry.


You can download the template here.


Pécs, 7 August 2017.


The Student Council of the University of Pécs (PTE EHÖK)