EHÖK Sex Education

Sex Education


Netflix premiered a show called “Sex Education” last January. Embarrassingly awkward and hilarious, this teen dramedy was hit by 40 million users within the first three weeks. The success of the series, relies on its story, that is beautifully written by Laurie Nunn, and also on its perfectly combined casting-team of young and new talented actors. Beware! It got boobs and bums, and a bit of vagina.

But it’s okay. It’s not an ordinary horny-teen-drama of exaggerated-adult-romances and love triangles. And it is nothing to do with gross-school-boys trying to get laid. It is an excellent story, that displays the innocence of teens at its most accurate, and honest sense.

It illustrates teen sex inevitability and general difficulties of being a teenager depending on their different backgrounds.

The show is centred on secondary schooler Otis Milburn, 16, virgin, played by Asa Butterfield.

Asa Butterfield, who is globally know as Bruno in The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas (2008), and as Hugo Cabret in Hugo (2011), is the perfect choice for the role.

Otis was raised up by his mother, Jean, a sex therapist, who is way too open about matters related to sexual life. Portrayed by Gillian Anderson (The X-files), Jean, is a little bit over-doing, you-can-tell-me-anything type of mother.

Growing up close to his extremely open-minded mother, Otis knows a lot about sexual life and sexual issues of her clients. “Aww, I wish my mum was a sex guru” says Eric, Otis’s best friend, one of the most significant roles in the show.

Ncuti Gatwa’s performance as Eric, breaks stereotypes of LGBT approaches on television shows.

Bullied at the school, Eric struggles as a homosexual and also because of his ethical background. He is to bring edgy feelings to many, and yet, he is way too charming and self-confident, that you would be attracted to him, as much as you would do to the other roles.

The most of the cast are played by largely new and young actors. Emma Mackey as the female leading role; Maeve Wiley, the rebel of the school, displays the controversy of dream girl. About rumours going around the school about her, she does not care. She is strong, independent and knows that she does not need the others’ approval, allowing herself to live a life that she is wanted.

Helping a classmate, Adam (Connor Swindells), who has taken several Viagra in the same time, Maeve gets to know that Otis is not an average nerd boy of her school.

In a school’s abandoned toilet, by coincidence, they happen to come over to Adam, who was in agony of artificial erection. Otis helps him to calm down, and moreover, helps him to go over several self and sex related issues that he has been going through.

Observing the outcomes, Maeve would notice Otis’s knowledge and talent on sexual issues. Maeve offers him to set up a business of underground sex therapy clinic at the school. Aware of many problems among the students, Maeve takes her chance to make some money. As Otis accepts the offer, clinic starts to work with sex education.

The show features many beautiful aspects youngster lives and its troubles.

The world that it portrays is a place where you would feel like to live in forever. School dance and after school dates, teachers who are good but you are mean to them. Times of uncertain feelings and confusions that we all once felt, comes as a fairy, that is hilariously comical.

The show, features these feelings of everyone who were once confused of his or her own self, from many different perspectives.

With the least possible and the most innocent dramatization, it is an amazing story that is romantic and platonic, of being-a-teenager and coming-off-to age.

It is going to be a pleasant surprise for everyone!


Written by Itgelt Batochir