EHÖK This is how to survive the exam period

This is how to survive the exam period


You can hear about lots of tips regarding how to survive the exam period. They all claim: if you set to give their advices, you can easily get through exam phases. We have a good and a bad new for you. That these articles lie, exam periods are truly tough and there is not any magic method which suddenly solves all of your problems. Our good new is, that as always, you will complete your next exam period and a few weeks later you can start to enjoy your summer vacation.

Of course we will trying to give you some small clues that will probably help, but the most important is to LEARN! For the next couple of weeks say goodbye to laziness, to Facebook and to every item that needlessly takes your time. If once you hence your self and start gathering knowledge seriously, successful experiences will come to you and these will get you through the deadlock. Thus, the most evident, but still the most important advice is to: start your preparation in time and concentrate on learning.

Rather wake up early, than to study till dawn, because your brain will not be so sharp at night time. It’s worth to start you day freshly, do not study in your pijamas lying in your bed. Get dressed, put your stuff together, arrange your room to prepare your self that a serios thing will start. Organize your notes, so you can see through them properly and it takes less time to find a topic or sentence that you are looking for. How do you expect to find your notes in your head while writing the exam, if you can not even find it on your desk.

Time management will help to overcome stress, if you make a schedule then you will get a clear view how to organize your days to finish in time with the curriculum. It is easier to follow tangible goals. If you are done creating your schedule, it is maybe more relevant to make sure you follow it, because if you are getting out of time, you are starting to panic and it can hit back.

Summarizing the essence of nutrition: Eat and Drink properly! In this case properly means the amount and the quality both. While you are studying you should not forget to drink enough water and to intake the adequate nutrition. If possible, travel home to your family, they will cook tasty and healthy food to you. Better you go with this alternative than trying to prepare some instant food to you in the dormitory. Do not forget the phrase: You are what you eat. So do not be, quick, cheap, simple or plastic.

Coffee, energy drink and similar refreshers are not recommended. Don’t start using these stuffs, if you have not done. These items have a different impact on each people and of course these beverages are very unhealthy. Keep it in your mind, that once exam period is over, your life will still continue and maybe you will not be in your best shap if you eat tons of chocalate and drink gallons of coke.

What can you do against stress? Go out for some freash air, just for ten minutes and exercise a bit. It is as simple as that. A few minutes of jogging will get the stress out of your head, we can guarantee. Watch out for your body! While learning, examine yourself every now and then. Check that you squeeze the book that you read, are your shoulders pulled high, are your muscles tenced? Take a few deep breaths and conciously relax your body. Studying will be much easier if you are calm.

PTE EHÖK wish’s you good luck with your exams!