EHÖKDay of the Dead in Janitzio, Mexico
Day of the dead is a Mexican celebration that occurs once a year on the first and second day of November, celebrations and ways to honor the Pre-Hispanic tradition are different throughout the country of Mexico.
EHÖKTestament of Youth
A brilliant book and its incredible screening
EHÖKBlack mirror: Bandersnatch
Bandersnatch stands for a book that allows you to choose your own adventure while you read. Written by Jerome F. Davis, an author that gradually descended to madness while was writing it, and a videogame based on it. That is just the tip of the iceberg for the homonymous movie, part of the famous Black Mirror Netflix series.
EHÖKLong distance relationships and love abroad
We have always been told, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder". However, does it always? Studying abroad comes with ample hardships, and one of the most underrated I believe is the issue of commitment in relationships...
Aquaman disappointed me as hardcore DC fan, yet somehow, due to the impeccable punch of entertainment it possesses as a movie, it is considered to be a huge success, in fact, it topped the one billion barrier, which is a title not a lot of movies can claim, so why?