EHÖK Cash me ousside

Cash me ousside


Cash me ousside, how about dat (Catch me outside, how about that) is the one sentence that most of us won’t be hearing anytime soon with a looming potential lockdown 2.0 lurking over us like a predator to prey, we will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy outside without the thoughts of curfews and COVID playing Russian roulette with our minds. 

Most of us, (me specifically) hated the idea of a lockdown at first because it forced you to sit alone with your thoughts. Just you and your awkwardness. Like two people who met on a blind date and immediately found out that they were not compatible but had to sit through the whole unpleasant ordeal because they had both worn their best outfits and it would be a waste of good outfit if not utilized.

There is love at first sight and what I am talking about is incompatibility at first sight.

All the outside noise that you use to shove thoughts you do not want to deal with to the back of your mind is finally silent and you have to deal with your thoughts. It is a scary ordeal. 

Time seems to move slower. Kind of like the hands of time have a muscle pull or arthritis and every morning you can almost hear the crack of dawn. During lockdown is when you realize that the school work that you have been putting off and procrastinating for weeks will only take you half an hour to finish and now you have nothing to look forward to. In just a week you will learn how to do a back to wall handstand, 5 tik tok dances, bake banana bread and almost fix your sleep pattern. It is funny that you will manage to do all these things and still have time on your hands.

Makes you consider that time is indeed a social construct.

You will now have time with yourself. To get to know yourself and realize that maybe you were so caught up with keeping up with everything else and forgot the most important treasure, you. This is the most appropriate time to pick up that hobby you left ages ago. Be it painting, singing or tap dancing, now is your chance to get back to it. I could even go as far as saying this is the sign that you have been waiting for.

For the next couple of weeks, you might feel trapped and alone but I want you to know that you are not alone, reach out to family and close friends. Speak your heart out. If you are a more reserved character, pick up journaling. It helps a lot.

This is also the time to rest.

Have that 12 hour beauty sleep and do not feel guilty about it. Watch a movie. (Any non-Tyler Perry movie because I can bet that if you watch one Tyler Perry movie you can predict the rest of them.) 

The crazy thing is that this is just week one and nobody knows how long things will remain like this. But at the end of it all I am hoping to catch you on the flip side. 


Written by: Ash Fidel