EHÖK Farewells



The bittersweet moments that make us grow as individuals are often the overwhelming emotions of love when it comes to a goodbye or a see you soon. We live with other students every day and life finds its ways to tie our lives together and forge bonds of friendship and love.

These moments are the ones less spoken about, perhaps they are considered too sorrowful, but truly, they are the ones that make the heart grow fonder over distance.

It's not always about love and relationships, powerful friendships have always been on the top of the pyramid;

most last forever, mentally healthier in most cases and there's no such thing as friendship monogamy, unless your friend is too controlling and that is considered toxic.

Over the two years I have been here, I met new students every semester; some stayed for a semester, some for a year and some were full time students. Many parted ways after finishing their studies, and our farewell scenes were the most tear jerking and heart aching.

Now that another semester came to an end, goodbyes are still on everyone's minds,

despite it being 'A see you after summer' or 'May we meet again', after months of seeing familiar faces that our hearts grow to love, the farewell agony is just as valid.

I believe it is important for us to experience these moments and university life abroad, certainly does not disappoint.

No friendships are more valuable than the ones that come from all over the world

and since The Best Friends Day was in the recent past, it would be delightful to celebrate and cherish our friendships, and remind ourselves to create new bonds and memories.

Every friendship stricken always has something to give us, whether it lasts for years or a few months, people can live in our hearts forever and in return, they offer us a couch to sleep on when we visit them.

Always have in mind, the world is smaller than it seems and crossing paths nowadays is hardly rare.

Our homes here in Pécs are always open for our friends for a visit. Do your goodbyes, give them all the love and try not to cry in front of them, it will only make things harder, and remember that it's never really goodbye, just a see you soon. 


Written by Joseph Hazeen