"Have the courage to be hated"


A powerful quote some celebrities and activists have been adopting lately into their lifestyle. The world has not been the same after celebrities stopped fearing the truth and started sharing their stories, and it has been divided by ample scenarios concerning the Me Too movement and Harvey Weinstein's scandal. Jameela Jamil has raised her voice and heart to spread positive body images and address weight loss companies and drugs.         


She is a British actor, writer, activist and representative. Currently starting in a critically acclaimed television show called The Good Place which received three Critics Choice Awards and two Golden Globe nominations. 

Only a few celebrities have risked their career and reputation the way Jameela has with her blunt truths

and publicly antagonizing celebrities who advocate and advertise weight loss products, drugs and exposing their hidden side effects that the media would not share. 


In addition to all that, Jameela herself is not ashamed to share her own past anxieties and insecurities whether related to body image or not.

To the close-minded and sexist part of the world, her activism is probably regarded as repulsive and wrong,

but in fact, it is her voice that has been enlightening hearts and minds, encouraging everyone to love their bodies and themselves. 

Before the fame sparked, Jameela used to work as a radio program host and a columnist for a number of newspapers. In 2016 her life was flipped upside down, leading her to make vital changes and decisions, which eventually made her happier.

A breast cancer tumor gave her a scare and she wrote up her 10 top things she had always wanted to do.

The tumor was thankfully benign. 


After learning the good news, she quit her job as the first Female Radio presenter on the BBC Radio One Chart Show and ended an unhealthy relationship she was engaged in. After suffering from various illnesses in her teenage years and adolescence,

she describes her latest shock as a wakeup call

she had always needed to let her start enjoy living. She then booked a ticket to the United States, and later she landed her first role as Tahani Al Jamil in The Good Place and thus raising her voice to the world. 

She is a brave, extraordinary yet relatable person, whose heart and soul is written all over her.

Jameela never fails to inspire us in her journey to make the world a better place. 

There is no better closure than to read and absorb Jameela’s own thoughts and words and let them sink in. 

"Learning publically, as I do, can be embarrassing and hard on my pride, and people can be understandably hard on me, but it’s been, and continues to be the most gratifying experience, and has gifted me such an amazing community of people also trying to do and be better."


Written by Joseph Hazeen