EHÖK When new choices have to be made...

When new choices have to be made...


What if you realize that you have taken a wrong path in your career? Ahlem Trabelsi believes that there is always a chance to change your direction. “There is nothing to be afraid of” – she says. Ahlem had been studying Structural Engineering  within the Framework of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme at the University of Pécs, before she switched her studies to the University of Debrecen. She says that the time spent while pursuing a wrong career was not wasted, and she finds the experience to be quite positive – it helped her to find the path that she enjoys to follow and let her meet amazing people in Pécs.

What are you studying at the University of Debrecen? What made you switch your studies to another city?

Ahlem Trabelsi: I am doing Master’s in Engineering Management at the University of Debrecen. The main reason that made me shift from one university to another is that I got extremely interested in Engineering Management Programme that was available only in Debrecen when I was already studying in Pécs. When I applied for my Master’s in Hungary, I did not know about this programme, and I applied for Structural Engineering which was also a study related to Civil Engineering, the major I got my first degree in.

Why did you find this programme so fascinating?


This programme gets you a little bit out of the typical Engineering studies, and it opens more perspectives for you.

We get to see projects from different aspects    not only concerned with engineering itself   it introduces you to such fields as finance, logistics, and management as well.



Was is difficult to make the final decision to quit your studies at the University of Pécs?

A.T.: Yes. At first, I was not really sure about applying for the transfer, because I have almost finished my degree at the University of Pécs.

Even though I did most of the subjects, only one or two left, and my GPA was good, I was thinking a lot either to continue what I have started

and finish it or I finally choose the career that I really want to pursue. It was a hard decision for me, but I applied for the transfer, and eventually was accepted by the University of Debrecen.

How do you feel about your decision right now?

A.T.: I am very happy about it now. The Master’s Programme I was doing in Pécs was good, but I was not satisfied with what I was doing. Now I am doing something I really enjoy, and I have learned new things and gained new skills.

It might seem that I lost one year while studying in Pécs, because I followed something new, but it is not true.

I learnt a lot from that experience, and I believe it is okay to sacrifice this time to be able to do what you like for the rest of your life.

Is there anything that you miss from Pécs?

A.T.: I miss the architecture of the city and the walks that you can enjoy when you hang out around the city center. You are also able to go to Tettye and to get a nice view on the city. Debrecen is not like Pécs, and there are not so many places to walk around. I also miss living in a small city, because it is easier to meet new people in small places. There are many international students in Debrecen, but there are also many places where they can go, and it makes it harder to meet new people. I miss my friends that I met while I was living in Pécs. It was one of the hardest parts to leave it all behind.


Written by Daria Palatova