Unparalleled views, charming valleys, bizarre rock formations, medieval monastery ruins. The  city of Pécs, with its ethereal beauty, is laying on the foothill of the Mecsek mountains. Whether you’re looking for hiking, forests or waterfalls, you’re sure to find your next favorite destination in this series, and what better place to start this adventure than with Éger-völgy. 

Éger-völgy is situated at the foot of Jakab-hegy in the Western Mecsek Mountains. It is also a  part of Western Mecsek Landscape Protection Areas and comprises an area of 50 hectares.

The place is named after the alder trees found in the area. The alder trees are famous for medicinal purposes. They help in combating infection, promoting healing and soothing inflammation.

A stream passes through the whole area. The water from the stream is captured by the dam, and a small artificial lake is established by it in the former pastures. 

You can enter the area from the parking of Éger-völgy. There is a narrow wooden bridge near the entrance. Even though it is tiny, it merges  well with the surroundings and makes it seem to be an essential part of the aura of the space. On the left, there is a lake with translucent water. During the summer, the sun rays reflecting on the water provide a magnificent view.

From here, you can walk up to the south of the lake along with the trees. Once you have reached the south side, a long bridge will be dividing the lake and the forest park.

Many turtles, fish, and small water snakes can be seen in that part of the lake. You can stand there and enjoy the view. 

Going back to the north of the lake, you can find a picnic area. There are a few benches that provide a suitable place to sit and eat while enjoying the view. Opposite the benches, there is a beautiful rain-house made of wood. It can be used in case of rainfall or snow. Furthermore, you can take great group photos up there. At a distance of 50 meters, there are restrooms available for visitors. In front of them, there is an enormous circular fireplace. A playground is also present near it for the children. 

In the north, there is a comprehensive map with hiking routes and signs. If you follow a particular sign on the trees, you can go through that specific route and reach your destination. 

You will encounter some beautiful waterfalls and springs on your way. You may need to be careful before drinking water from any spring. Look out for its name.

The information about the drinking quality of water is also inscribed near the name. But it is mostly written in Hungarian. The water from the springs, Delelő-kút and Fecske-forrás is unfortunately undrinkable. However, the water from Mohosi-Kis forrás is drinkable. 

There are some tips that you would like to know before planning your trip here. 

  • Wear hiking shoes 

Always wear hiking shoes if you are planning to do some hiking. It can be very slippery and risky if you won’t. However, if you merely want to go for a picnic, I recommend sneakers.  The area can be wet, so it may not be a good idea to wear sandals or open shoes.

  • Download Mappy.cz 

With Mappy.cz, you will never get lost. It is available for both Android and iOS. The best part of it is you can download the area and the hiking or cycling tracks for that area will also be available offline.

Hence, even if you are in a deep dense forest where you won’t have access to the internet or mobile services, you can find your path with this amazing application. 

  • Be prepared for rain 

Always prepare for the rainfall before going there, even if it is not in the weather forecast. The area has intense precipitation. Keep a raincoat and umbrella. In case you forget, you can go to the rain-house and wait there. 

  • Wear warm clothes

The weather here is harsher than in the rest of the city because of the forest and waterfalls.  Always keep a coat or a sweater when you plan to go there. 

It is easy to get to Éger-Völgy. The two bus lines, 23Y and 24, go there directly. You can also go there by walking if you follow the directions using Google Map or Mappy.cz. It is a 50-minute journey from the city center. 

For those who are unprepared for the picnic, there is the Teca Mama Restaurant. Just keep going south of the lake on the tourist path and it will take you to this elegant and cosy restaurant. Credit cards are accepted here, and you can also connect to Wi-Fi while enjoying the food.


Written by Alizeh Asif

Photos by Illés Emma