The European Universities Community (EUC) is a grassroots initiative gathering students and PhD students from European University Alliances. It gives them a voice in the Conference on theFuture of Europe, a major public consultation launched by the European institutions in 2021-2022

The European Student Assembly will gather 200 students from European University Alliances in Strasbourg on 3-4 March 2022 in the context of the Conference on the future of Europe.

Selected student representatives from European University Alliances will discuss some of the most decisive challenges Europe is facing today. Working in subgroups, they will address issues as complex as democracy, cybersecurity, sustainability, or migration. Their recommendations will be published and sent to policy makers. Experts and public figures will be also invited to contribute their input and to convey the students’ voice across Europe. All contributions will be published on the digital multilingual platform.

Our actions

Action 1: Contribute to the multilingual digital platform

The European institutions have launched a multilingual digital platform where any
European citizen can contribute with ideas on the future of Europe. Join the EUC,
and contribute with other students on subjects that matter

Action 2: Inaugural session of the European Students Assembly

This major event will gather 200 students from European University Alliances in
Strasbourg in March 2022. Together, they will design recommendations to impact
the future of Europe. Online applications are open until Nov. 14th 2021.

Action 3: Manifesto on the future of European Universities

What should European universities look like in the future? Contribute to the writing
of an ambitious manifesto with your peers

Action 4: Promoting multilingualism and multiculturalism

Interested in preserving European cultural and linguistic diversity? Join in, bring
your ideas, take part in our events or organise your own activities in your university.


Accomodation and meals provided for all participants. Please note that more information will follow in due time concerning the funding of other costs for participants.

Learn more about Action 2

Why join us

Make your voice heard, meet students from all over Europe and develop your skills. All students will be awarded Certificate of participation at the end of the project. Learn more.


Find the attached EUC Action2 Handbook below: