Institutional professional, scientific scholarship

Institutional professional, scientific scholarship

Kategorie: Studie Frist: 2019-03-04

The Proposals and Scholarship Committee of the University Student Union Of Univesity of Pécs advertises a proposal for the spring semester of 2018/2019 with effect from 18 February 2019, for receiving an Institutional professional, scientific scholarship for full-time students (Bachelor, Master, One-tier Master program and Higher level vocational training). [Code of Charges and Benefits. 18. § (2)-(3) par.]

The proposal can be submitted electronically between 18 February 2019 12:00- 4 March 2019 14:00 via Neptun education system.

To validate the application, the electronically submitted documents as well as the necessary paper-based annexes shall be sent to the Student Application Points.

Deadline for personal submission:
5 March 2019. 14:00

Deadline for postal submission:
27 February 2018.

Mailing address
7622 Pécs, Vasvári Pál street 4.

The electronic proposal form is available on under Administration - Requests. Please before submitting the proposal, carefully examine the filling guide for the proposal, which is available on the website.

After finalizing the electronic proposal, the signed data sheet, which can be found in Neptun education system under submitted requests, together with the attached obligatory annexes must be submitted to the Student Application Points or sent via postal services to the following mailing address: 7622, Pécs Vasvári Pál street 4. Please note that, during the appeal there is no possibility for providing corrections!

In case, you have questions while filling out the form, contact the nearest Student Application Point administrator or write an e-mail to!

Please carefully read the instructions of the proposal form and the briefing documents!

Pécs, 13 February 2019.



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