Application for Seniors

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Dormitory application in a nutshell

The Central Dormitory Committee of the Student Union of the University of Pécs announces the dormitory application period for the 2019/2020 school year, both for freshmen and non-freshmen.

Please find the most important deadlines and information below.

Non-freshman application process

Every non-freshman, either with an active or passive legal status, is eligible for applying, regardless of the programme’s language. You can also apply as non-freshman if you start your MA at PTE from September.

27th May 2019 – Monday

Application process announcement

The application announcement will include the exact application process and the period for filling in the Neptun application form. No change occurred in the list of necessary documents, compared to previous years.

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14th June 2019 – Friday

End of the application period

By this time, you should have all the necessary documents sent to one of the Union Application Points (Hallgatói Pályázati Pont). Applications filed afterwards will not be accepted. If you cannot hand in your application personally at one of our Union Application Points, please send it via post until 10th June 2019.

26th June 2019 – Wednesday

Announcement of results

Short announcements on whether your application was successful based on your application filed for the school year 2019/2020 will be sent until this day. The notification refers only to you winning a dormitory slot or not. Sorting you into one of the dormitories will take place on 21 August 2019, after the freshman application procedure, as has been customary in previous years.

Freshman application procedure

The exact timetable will be available to freshmen from 24th July 2019, from the day of establishing a point limit.

Do you still have questions?

If you need further information, we are eager to help at, both in English and Hungarian. Please always write your Neptun identification number at the end of your letter.