EHÖK Aquaman



Aquaman disappointed me as hardcore DC fan, yet somehow, due to the impeccable punch of entertainment it possesses as a movie, it is considered to be a huge success, in fact, it topped the one billion barrier, which is a title not a lot of movies can claim, so why?

Aquaman is about a fictional character created, originally, by DC Comics, by the hands of Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger back in November around the year 1941. From the character’s creation till 2018, Arthur Curry (Aquaman) has always been part of Justice League (a union of multiple DC superheroes), however,

the king of the lost city of Atlantis, who is half Human, half Atlantian, never had his own movie, and, therefore, he was always shadowed by the titans of the DC comic universe such as Superman, The Flash and Batman,

because the latter heroes pulled in more money and fame, and were responsible for a massive revenue that the company enjoyed and relished.

Aquaman follows the story of the love child of the former queen of Atlantis Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) and a human named Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison), making Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, the legitimate heir to the throne of Atlantis. The movie revolves around his attempt to get his throne back and his attempt to unite the seven seas under his own banner. Aquaman’s setting, in the comic’s universe, is mostly underwater, where there is the lost kingdom of Atlantis, sharks with laser beams and seahorses and who knows what. Despite how beautiful and colorful this setting might appear to the naked eye, recreating it is not a trifle task.

Most of the movie companies realize that the cost of making such a movie is undoubtedly startling, and even the giants of Hollywood had to think twice before taking such a financial risk.

Now here where it gets good,  back in 2016, Warner Brothers, the company who has the ‘legal rights’ to create movies out of DC comic characters, was enjoying the revenues of their latest movies, and suddenly in a move that surprised pretty much no one, they decided to take the financial risk to produce the movie. For this difficult task they gave the role to James Wan who casted Jason Momoa for the role of Aquaman. James Wan knew that there has never been a movie about this character and since the background of Arthur Curry is much known due to the comics, there was no room for a mistake, and surprisingly there wasn’t.

Despite the movie taking place mostly underwater, where sharks talk to the Atlantians, the movie is highly entertaining.

Jason Momoa embodies the role in a very charismatic way that prevents you from looking to your phone in boredom, while watching the movie.

Jason Momoa was not carrying the movie alone on his own back, he was followed by Mera (Amber Heard), Aquaman’s wife, who is a brilliant actress herself, supporting Arthur Curry in his endeavours to reclaim his throne while simultaneously supporting Momoa in his senses to make them even more enigmatic and vibrant.

Much of the eager critics anticipated that the heavy usage of CGI (Computer-generated imagery) would backfire and will render the movie boring and dull, but it seems that the same CGI gave birth to some of the most iconic scenes in the movie that we all love and still talk about.   

My only take on the movie is that it is not exactly brilliant when it comes to the script,

and there is an abundance of banal conversations filled with tedious scenes that no one likes, but the fighting choreography on the other hand is something to adore. I think in our fast day to day life, it is always good to lay back in the comfort of our couches or chairs for that matter, and enjoy looking at an Atlantian fighting a submarine using a shark as a horse.


Written by Ayman Almomani